SEMA's Public and Government Affairs Office also works to develop and maintain a strong, positive relationship with representatives in the state legislatures and on Capitol Hill. The Association has helped establish state and federal automotive caucuses consisting of elected officials who are committed to supporting our industry and automotive hobbyists. Congressional visits are often arranged so that SEMA members can meet with their representatives and voice their concerns first-hand.

headshot of Karen Bailey-Chapman

Karen Bailey-Chapman

Senior Vice President, Public and Government Affairs - (202) 796-0850

Karen Bailey-Chapmon is SEMA's Senior Vice President of Public and Government Affairs, where she oversees all government affairs efforts for SEMA and the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) and leads programs related to legislation, regulations, and government policies on issues affecting climate change, consumer choice, business opportunities, and more. Karen is passionate about leading advocacy, public policy, and government affairs strategies across local, state, and federal jurisdictions. She has dedicated her career to creating and delivering unique and effective initiatives spanning multiple specializations and industries. Over the course of her career, she has worked for leading political advocacy organizations like Americans for Tax Reform and served as a public affairs executive with casino gaming company Penn National Gaming (now Penn Entertainment) and the American Beverage Association.

headshot of Eric Snyder

Eric Snyder

Senior Director, Federal Government Affairs - (202) 792-7793

Eric Snyder is SEMA's Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs, where he oversees the association's Congressional and Executive Branch advocacy. Previously, Eric Snyder served in the administrations of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President George W. Bush and worked statewide and presidential campaigns.

headshot of Christian Robinson

Christian Robinson

Senior Director, State Government Affairs & SEMA PAC - (202) 794-8279

Christian Robinson is SEMA's Senior Director of State Government Affairs and Grassroots and has two decades of political campaign and advocacy experience. In his current role, he oversees SEMA's state government affairs program, grassroots advocacy, and political action committee.

headshot of Colby Martin

Colby Martin

Director, SEMA Action Network (SAN) - (909) 978-6721

Colby Martin is the Director of the SEMA Action Network, where he manages and directs the association's grassroots network and oversees its outreach strategies to the hobbyist community and the media. He began his time at SEMA as a SEMA scholarship applicant and intern and went on to work in both the Membership and Marketing Departments.

headshot of Alicia Steger

Alicia Steger

PAC Manager, SEMA – (202) 796-2252

Alicia Steger is SEMA's Political Action Committee Manager. She administers all aspects of the SEMA PRI PAC including strategy, events, fundraising, marketing and solicitation campaigns. Most recently she managed the Office of the President and CEO at American Beverage Association.

headshot of Kiley Chapley

Kiley Chapley

Manager, State Government Affairs - (202) 770-0147

Kiley Chapley is the State Government Affairs Manager at SEMA, where she identifies, analyzes, and monitors state legislation and regulation that could have an impact on the automotive industry and advances the association's legislative interests.

headshot of Tiffany Cipoletti

Tiffany Cipoletti

Manager, Federal Government Affairs - (202) 935-5644

Tiffany Cipoletti is SEMA’s Manager of Federal Government Affairs, where she assists the association’s Congressional and Executive Branch advocacy efforts. Previously, Tiffany Cipoletti has spent the past 15 years working in motorcycle advocacy on the local, state and federal level.